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 Confessional #7

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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Confessional #7 Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #7   Confessional #7 I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2014 7:00 pm

Things have gotten weird in the BB House. On one hand, I feel like I am playing perfectly UTR in a way, since there is no one that suspects I am against them, I have stayed off the block no matter the scenario maintaining a spotless record, and I have connections with all the people who matter and who might win the next HOH.

I would have loved to see Elvis go, but not a single soul but me had the balls to vote for him. No one but Elvis is playing to win this game. Fred has no chance because everyone but me is after his head. Harriet is hated by all, even the pre-jury. Jackie is a returnee so no one will vote for that nonsense. Mary is basically inactive and has zero brain cells. Marie is a hawt mess. And George should have been expelled already.

My only hope now is to win HOH and make a huge move. If I don't win the next one I can't change the outcome of this game. Fred can't play. He will get nominated for sure. So I would have to hope for a big Veto win from him AND avoid going up on the block myself.

I got pretty close to Walt. He left. I then made a strong connection to Eleanor. She left. At this point, I am the touch of death. Maybe I can use my apparent curse as some kind of weapon.

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Confessional #7
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