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 Confessional #2

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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PostSubject: Confessional #2   Confessional #2 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2014 6:23 am

What a whirlwind it has been since the easy-going first couple of days. I was not surprised by Fred's nominations. It was easy to tell that he is a fellow who enjoys playing hard from the start. He immediately targeted two big/active players from the Axis of Good. Since the challenge was earlier this time, I chose to alter my previous commitment of being a non-physical threat and went hard at this veto. My sole purpose was to vanquish the evildoers and save Elvis from the block. I chose to save him from the very start since he seems to be a valuable ally at this point. I don't really trust that anyone is with me 100% yet, but I feel like I can work on him slowly over time and build trust. In saving Elvis, I knew I had save both my Axis of Good compatriots, because Fred is HOH and can't vote, George is an outsider and will not vote with the Evils, and everyone on the Good side is definitely sticking together. I singlehandedly took away all the power of Fred's HOH win. It feels good. Oh gosh, that sounded a little evil! What is wrong with me?

Last night I used my Veto win to accomplish many things. One, I demonstrated that I have great value to my Axis of Good. They should know that I am with them for sure and will fight for them. I don't expect them to target me at all for awhile. Also, as soon as I won the veto, Fred contacted me trying to get me to not use the power. I informed him, in a gentleman's fashion, that I would most likely be using it, but I offered to keep someone safe from the block for him. He mentioned Walt Disney as someone he speaks to. I swore to not allow my Axis of Good to nominate Walt and I asked Fred to keep in touch. It may not seem like a noble gesture to align with the most hated man in the game, but I feel it will help me get through a few rounds unscathed. He can protect me on his side if he or his allies gain power with another HOH or Veto win. Plus, he has hinted that he will not nominate me now since we can keep in contact and help each other. I will not tell my Axis of Good fellows this, since it would make me a huge threat.

So now I am in a great position with both sides and feel somewhat comfortable. People should feel scared to nominate me since I have shown I am powerful and can win my way off and get revenge. Plus I have made a lot of good social connections.

I have assurances from Al Capone that we can meet up at merge. I have connections to Fred now who is also with Walt (thanks for the info <3), and I have shown great leadership on my own Axis of Good.

The Bard is playing for keeps everyone. Stay tuned.

Here are some conversations between The King and I, for entertainment purposes only:

Elvis: You have my word, I will trust you just as you trust me. Truth is like the sun, you can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.

If you don't want me to be cold as ice, then treat me nice baby.

Elvis: Go Bill!! (during veto)

William: Thank you friend. I shall save you if given the opportunity. I hope fortune smiles on me.

Elvis: If you save me I guarantee you will receive great fortune. I will have your back this whole game. You're actually my favorite person in this game, and the one I feel I can trust the most.

William: I came into this battlefield with the sole intention of fighting for veto to save my friend and confidant Mr. Presley. You have no worries indeed. I set out with a goal and I attained it. There is nothing that could change my mind.

Elvis: You certainly have a way with words, wordsmith!

I really appreciate your allegiance and it will not go unrewarded.

William: I consider you my brother-in-arms. Let us discuss the replacement in the thread of good.
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Confessional #2
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