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 Confessional #10

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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Confessional #10 Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #10   Confessional #10 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 16, 2014 3:28 pm

I finally won something, even though it was luck based lol. My second veto win of the season. Hopefully I can follow it up with a big HOH win tonight.

As expected, using the veto on Fred really caused a stir in the house. You could even say some players' panties were ruffled a little bit. Elvis was the most rude about it, sending me semi-threatening messages. I would expect him to fight hard for HOH and nominated Fred and I tonight. If I don't win I really hope Fred does. When I offered to use the veto, it was conditional on that fact that Fred would nominate who I wanted; Harriet & Elvis. He has agreed to this, since it is pretty much what he wants also.

I have done some good damage control with Jackie. I explained my reasons for my decision in detail to her and she understands my thinking. She agrees that Elvis is a big threat to win and that Fred can help get him out, but she is scared of Fred nominating her also. I have assured her that I can talk to Fred and get him to keep her safe. I hope I can actually do this.

Harriet is Elvis' closest ally it seems. This probably came to pass since Jackie left so early the first time. Fred is supposed to work on Mary and see if she will consider working with us. I am doing the same with Marie. Under most scenarios, I feel like I can wiggle out of danger and survive this round no matter what. But I think it is better safe than sorry this time and I would like to have some control. Worst case is Elvis or Harriet winning HOH. Best case is Fred or I winning. Middle ground is someone else winning, which let's be honest, aside from Jackie is unlikely.

Lastly, I really hope people voted out George. Keeping him would be a real insult considering he is clearly an inactive fool.
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Confessional #10
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