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 Confessional #5

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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PostSubject: Confessional #5   Confessional #5 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2014 7:46 am

Events have started to transpire at an alarming rate now. After Al was voted out, Fred won another HOH and nominated Harriet & Eleanor. It would have been so nice to see one of those Elvis minions leave, but alas fortune has a different plan for us all.

At the veto, players were given punishments based on how far they were willing to go. Elvis, being the show-off he is, went all the way. The good news is he cannot vote in this eviction nor can he play in the next two vetoes. This should be the chance I have waited for to make my presence known.

Secret powers were used and the final nominees ended up being Mary & Walt. It would be somewhat of a disaster for my game if Walt leaves, so my hopes are resting on Marie and I forcing a tie with Harriet and Eleanor while George stays inactive and is expelled. Or perhaps Walt was able to talk George into siding with him and it will be 3-2 with Mary leaving.

In past games, all these powers being used would have resulted in me leaving, but in this game I have played smarter and have remained UTR quite a bit while making sure that all the big HOH winners like Fred, Walt, and Elvis will always protect me. Last night was a good example of my social game in that almost every single player was immune, veto-protected, HOH, or using powers, yet I was still able to stay off the block.

I am going to give it my absolute all tonight. This is the HOH I want to win very badly. I will be targeting Eleanor & Harriet, knowing that Elvis cannot save them this time. If I get the chance I will backdoor Elvis, but at the very least I will eliminate one of his minions. If Walt stays I think I am the favorite to win the whole game since he and Fred and Elvis will continue to battle while I can lay back and wait.

If Walt goes, I have to take charge of this game and come out of the shadows as the true Beast that I am. It's Shakespeare time!
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Confessional #5
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