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 Confessional #4

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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Confessional #4 Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #4   Confessional #4 I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 04, 2014 1:48 pm

In a splendid turn of events, Jackie left in a blindside, and hopefully she took one of those 6 powers with her. Elvis was spun for a loop, thinking he and Jackie had this in the bag already. He asked me in a PM who I think might have been the traitor. I told him I voted with him for sure. I was able to convince him since my previous actions of saving him from the block are so opposite of what a traitor would do. Basically my flip-floppy nature is really throwing him off right now. So he isn't on to me yet.

I have continued my private discussions with Walt and Fred. I found out that Fred has spoken regularly with Joan as well. I trust Joan the most on my tribe. I won't let any of them know I am close with both sides yet and kind of leave that unspoken, but those are my 3 main allies.

I have given Fred and Walt enough info that if the nom's stay the same this week, Joan & someone else I can't remember cuz they aren't important, then the person next to Joan will go. I am not expecting anyone else from the Good team to win. Maybe Elvis if he shows up, but I'll try to help Fred and Walt keep it the same so we can get rid of another of Elvis's minions.

I'm going to continue to take out the power players by using my cross-tribal allies. And we will continue to look out for each other. They have assured me that the rest of their tribe is pretty lazy, so we seem to be in a strong position of power at the moment.
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Confessional #4
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