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 Confessional #3

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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PostSubject: Confessional #3   Confessional #3 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2014 3:49 pm

So what has happened since last confessional? I could have easily won HOH#2 if I hadn't made a tiny error and then been disqualified. It took the rest of them another 30 mins just to get it right. Guess I have to slow things down a little and proof read before submitting. I am definitely one of the stronger challenge players it seems.

I have completely changed my strategy since first week. Helping Elvis was a mistake. There is definitely a clique going on already and if I find out it's people sharing accounts already and it is common clique people I am going to burn something. Jackie and Elvis are obviously a pair with Harriet and Eleanor probs their followers. Joan told me last night that Elvis/Jackie had been mad at us not showing up for HOH#1 and wanted us to go already. But then I saved both their asses and they still show no gratitude. That's fine.

A way better strategy for this game is to build friendships on the opposing tribe because those are the people who have the power to nominate us. So I reached out to Walt and Fred, two strong players, and now we have a private chat going. I'm glad Fred won Veto#2 and is safe cuz now we have 3 people that win next HOH. I will help them to win, since I can't nominate my own people. And I will tell them who I think the alliance is and who they should go after. That way I can take out the power players from my own tribe.

Eat it chumps. You are playing dirty, trying to flatter me and treat me like an idiot, but I will not be falling for it.

Yes Elvis, I really believe I am your "favorite person in the game." Is that why you haven't said one word to be since I singlehandedly saved you? You may have been the King at one point, but I am the King now betch and you are getting dethroned.
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Confessional #3
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