Kyogre's Mystery Big Brother 3: World War X
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 Confessional #1

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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PostSubject: Confessional #1   Confessional #1 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2014 10:43 am

It is I, William Shakespeare. I am not planning on being physically available this game, so I am starting off with some light social activities. My main contact within the Axis of Evil is Al Capone. I spoke to him briefly before the teams were created, and have spoken to him since. If I am lucky enough to make merge, I feel like he can welcome me in and use for his dastardly purposes if he needs to make a move. I chose him because he seems the least crazy out of all the active evil players and seems like he will make it far. I want to align with strong players.

Here are my convos with him so far:


Mr. Capone,

I am to attend a social soiree in the near future and will require at the very least several barrels of fine ale. I am told that you are the gentleman who is best suited to assist me with this rather dubious problem. What say you? Can you help a fellow ale enthusiast out?

Al: Fo you? I got all the ale in the world. So long as you make me a character in one oh dem plays yous always be writin.

William: Absolutely Mr. Capone. In fact I was just surmising the possibility of my next play involving a very handsome bootlegger who is constantly being hounded by a rough-and-tumble prohibition officer. The twist is, the officer is an alcoholic and a complete hypocrite. I feel like nature imagery will really highlight the main conflict in the play. But let's not only talk about me. How are you? Perchance you may want to set up a private room for us swell folks in order to parlay about the happenstance of the future?

Al: I love it already me boy. As for thisa private room. A new speakeasy never hurt anyone if you follow me.

William: A speakeasy! Sounds delightful. I am just seeing that we have been put into teams. Does this mean that fortune has frowned upon us and we cannot work as a pair perchance? Or how does this work? I am unfamiliar with such turns of happenstance. I will continue to keep correspondence with you until this mystery is solved.

Al: No no, you will be a spy see and we can meet up at da merge.

William: Aha! Well isn't this a fancy bit of fortune. I like the cut of your jib by heavens I do. I will be sure to keep you appraised of the situation here on the Good Axis and we can compare notes when the time comes.

Al: There will be cigars and the finest beer waiting for yous when we merge.
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Confessional #1
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