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Coup D'Etat
Won By: Elvis Presley

In this game, this is the most powerful reward one could have. As the holder of the coup d'etat, you are allowed to overthrow the HOH of the week and make yourself the new HOH. This also gives you the power to remove one or both of the HOH's nominations and put up anyone you want.

However, because of this season's twist, the HOH you are overthrowing cannot be nominated. And you can only use this power after the final nominations have been set (normally after the POV ceremony)

Diamond Power of Veto
Won By: Fred Phelps

If you are unfamiliar with this power, it basically gives you the ability to take down one of the HOH's nominations and put up any nominee you choose. You can use this on yourself or any nominee. This can only be used after the veto ceremony. AND, because of this season's twist, this DPOV CAN ALSO be used to remove the servant who betrayed the king, if he/she did so. In doing so, however, no reward will be given to anyone the following week.

Golden Power of Veto
Won By: Eleanor of Acquitaine

This veto can be used to remove yourself or any houseguest of your choice from the block if you ever need to. And it is useful until the Top 7.

Vote Doubler

Won by: Harriet Tubman

This reward gives you the ability to double yours or anyone else's vote in any round up until the Top 6. This reward IS transferable.

Play-in-HOH card
Won by: Walt Disney

Usually if you are HOH one week, you are not allowed to play the next week. With this reward, however, you CAN play the week after your reign. Can only be used once up until the Top 7.

HOH Advantage
Won by: Mary Magdalene

You will be notified of what this advantage is when I post the challenge for the round you choose to use this power. And it is good until the Top 6.
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