Kyogre's Mystery Big Brother 3: World War X
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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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PostSubject: FTC VOTE FOR A WINNER   Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:06 am

It always leaves me a little disappointed to see such a lopsided Finale. There is really no logical way to explain Harriet not winning this game, which is odd since her in-game perception was very negative for several jurors.

However, the humility, honesty, and spot-on perceptive quality of her jury answers leave no question about it. She was good at guessing identities. She was good at explaining her game. She was even willing to share my perspective on my elimination as being very very unlucky. Sure she could be lying to appease me, but it seemed like a genuine response.

Anyways, this is the clear winner of the game, and yet another example of how the "strong" players are always too dumb to stop fighting each other and let the other people slide through. I'm not saying Harriet wasn't strong, but you know what I mean.

Congratulations on your victory Harriet.

If it isn't clear, I vote for Harriet.
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