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 Final Power of Veto

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Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great

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PostSubject: Final Power of Veto   Final Power of Veto I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 23, 2014 5:54 pm

Final Power of Veto Challenge:

Final Power of Veto Bb14_e10

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Houseguests, welcome to the final, and most important, Power of Veto competition of the season. Tonight, we will have an all out challenge that will test how bad do you want a spot in the Final 3...

This challenge is called "Take a Trip Down Memory Lane" and here's how it works: In a few minutes, I will post your entire challenge. The challenge will be divided into 10 parts, each part representing a shorter version of a previous HOH or POV competition. Your goal is to try to collect as many points as possible by completing as many parts as you can. This is a timed challenge though, and you will only have 90 minutes to solve every single part. The houseguest with the most points at the end of 90 minutes will win the Golden Power of Veto!

If there are no questions, the challenge will go up @ :05 and you will have 90 minutes from then.

Quote :
Part I: Complete the following paragraph. (5 points)

Alexander is born in ____, the Macedonian capital, at about the time his ______ becomes king of _______.
He is only _______ when he is left in charge of ________ while his father campaigns in the east against

______. During his father's absence he crushes a rebellious tribe, the ________. As a reward he is allowed

to found a new town in their territory - _________, the first of many to be named after him.

Quote :
Part II

2. Below are 10 questions regarding the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States. Pay close

attention to the message next to each question. Take the letter from each answer and use it to decipher a

secret code. (1 point per correct answer, 10 points for secret code, 20 points total)

1.Who was President of the United States after Abraham Lincoln? (First and Last name)

(5th Letter of First Name)

2. Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, John F. Kennedy and __________ have been the four US Presidents

assasinated while they were in office.

(7th letter of last name)

3. Which President was born in New Haven, Connecticut?

(Last letter of Last name)

4. Who has been the only US president to resign while in office?

(2nd letter of First name)

5. Who is the only president to have been elected to more than 2 terms in office?

(2nd Letter of Last name)

6. Who was President from September 1881 to March 1885?

(5th Letter of Last Name)

7. William Wheeler was vicepresident during the term of which US president?

(3rd Letter of First Name)

8. Who became the US president following FDR's Death?

(1st Letter of First Name)

9. Who was the 23rd President of the United States?

(6th Letter of Last Name)

10. Mamie Geneva Doud was the wife of which US President?

(Second Letter of First name)

SECRET CODE: (Hint: 2 Words. 5 and 5)

Quote :

3. Below is a puzzle. Complete it and take a screenshot. Please include the number of pieces in your

screenshot (as shown below) (30 points total)


The Puzzle:

Quote :

4. Below are 5 pictures of 5 different actors who have portrayed Adolf Hitler in movies and TV shows. For

each picture, you need to name the actor that is playing Hitler. (1 point per correct answer, 5 points


Quote :

5. Make a new thread in your Diary Rooms specifically for this challenge and post there for as many times as you can in 5 minutes. Your time starts from the time you create the thread. (1 point for every post)

Quote :

6. In the photo collage below are 10 photos of famous people who are now decesased. You must identify all 10 or as many as you can. (10 Points total)

Quote :

Guess the IMDb Games: Other Games board member based on each pair of photos below. (6 points total)

Pair 1:

Pair 2:

Pair 3:

Pair 4:

Pair 5:

Pair 6:

Quote :

This part is not based on any previous challenges. Below is an incomplete list of the events that have ocurred in this game. From Head of Household to their original nominees, veto winners, final nominees, and evictions. Complete it as best as you can.

Week 1: (5 points)

Head of Household: _________

Nominees: Jackie Kennedy and ___________

Veto Holder: ________________

Final Nominees: ___________ and Jackie Kennedy

Evicted: ______________

Week 2:

Head of Household: _______________

Nominees: Fred Phelps and ______________

Veto Holder: ________________

Final Nominees: Al Capone and _____________

Evicted: ______________

Week 3: (5 points)

Head of Household: Marie Antoinette

Nominees: ____________ and _______________

Veto Holder: ________________

Final Nominees: Joan of Arc and _____________

Evicted: ______________

Week 4: (5 points)

Head of Household: ________________

Nominees: ____________ and _______________

Veto Holder: Fred Phelps

Final Nominees: Al Capone and _____________

Evicted: ______________

Week 5: (8 points)

Head of Household: ________________

Nominees: ____________ and _______________

Veto Winner: _____________

2nd Veto Holder:_____________

Final Nominees: Walt Disney and _____________

Evicted: ______________

Expelled: _________________

Week 6: (5 points)

Head of Household: Fred Phelps

Nominees: ____________ and _______________

Veto Winner: _____________

Final Nominees: Eleanor of Aquitaine  and _____________

Evicted: ______________

Week 7: (2 Points)

Head of Household: ________________

Nominees: Marie Antoinette and Fred Phelps

Veto Winner: _____________

Final Nominees: Marie Antoinette and George Carlin

Evicted: George Carlin

Week 8: (5 Points)

Head of Household: ________________

Nominees: ____________ and _______________

Diamond Power of Veto Winner: _____________

Final Nominees: Jackie Kennedy and William Shakespeare

Evicted: ______________

Week 9: (5 Points)

Head of Household: Mary Magdalene

Nominees: ____________ and _______________

Veto Winner: _____________

Final Nominees: Marie Antoinette and ________________

Evicted: ______________

Week 10: (5 Points)

Head of Household: ________________

Nominees: ____________ and _______________

Veto Winner: _____________

Final Nominees: Jackie Kennedy and ____________

Evicted: ______________
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Final Power of Veto
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