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 Confessional #12

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

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PostSubject: Confessional #12   Confessional #12 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2014 6:37 am

Shakespeare should really appreciate the irony of this situation. I have once again had confirmation that BB is a nonsense game. Feel free to call me bitter grapes again, as usual people, but come on. No one can beat Elvis in speed, so he was gifted a HOH. Previously in the game he already had the power to change both nominees. Everyone has followed him like lazy drifters who have no intention of even playing the game. I played it smart by doing what he said up until now but FINALLY making a small effort just to do SOMETHING in the game. But now we know that if you try to do anything in BB, you are a pieces of trash. Now that I helped an active player stay instead of George (who will be a fantastic juror I'm sure eyeroll), Elvis is allowed to go on a vendetta against me. And once again, a magic power saves somebody else and leaves me as shit out of luck.

My life is in the hands of Mary and Marie. And if either of them is as dumb as I think they are, they will just do whatever Elvis says and give him the win. He will win this game, and people will talk about how great of a player he is. Bullshit. He needed a DPOV early in the game AND an OUTCAST returning in order to get here. I had nothing but myself and my social game. So what I have learned from BB is Mary is a better player than me because she does absolutely nothing in terms of socializing, strategizing, or challenge playing.

It sucks because I actually tried to forget all my previous attitudes towards BB. I was actually having fun. And then this is all just a bitter ending that seems on the opposite end of justice. I just don't get how to play this game. Maybe that is why I am so mad all the time when I try. Perhaps it is my own faults as a person that I don't have it in me to just be inactive so I can make it to F5 and then maybe win one HOH and win the game. I guess that's what it's all about.

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Confessional #12
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