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 Power of Veto #1

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PostSubject: Power of Veto #1   Power of Veto #1 I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2014 5:51 pm

Power of Veto Challenge #1:

Power of Veto #1 PKa83fA

Kyogre's World Tour 2014

Houseguests, welcome to your FIRST Power of Veto competition. They wont be called rebellion challenges anymore because that stage of the game as you all know, is over. Usually, everyone would be eligible to play but because of his punishment, Elvis Presley cannot play in this week's or next week's POV competitions.

This challenge will test your knowledge of shapes. Specifically, the shapes of countries. In a few moments, I will post the pictures of 14 countries' outlines. Your goal is to be the first person to successfully identify all or most of the countries in 30 minutes or less. To make this a little bit more challenging, I have also altered the pictures slightly so it's harder to identify the country on a first look. But if you are good at this, then the shapes should be pretty easy for you to identify.

You are allowed to submit more than once, but keep in mind that your last submission is the one I will be counting. Answers will go in your Diary Rooms and spelling counts.

You will have 30 minutes for this challenge.
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Power of Veto #1
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