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 Confessional #6

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William Shakespeare

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Confessional #6 Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #6   Confessional #6 I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2014 5:55 am

I tried to reach out to George to see if he would vote for Mary instead of Walt, but he didn't even read my message. I don't get why he comes on to vote if he can't even show the decency to respond to things. So Walt left.

Then we had a redemption challenge. The good news is Fred won and nominated Harriet & Eleanor again. That was smart of him. Barring a million more powers being used, we HAVE to be able to get rid of one of them now. If Harriet wins Veto, we backdoor Elvis or Jackie. Same goes for if Eleanor wins. Elvis can't play this veto or the next due to that punishment challenge. If Jackie wins and takes someone down, Fred can still put up Elvis.

Let me be clear; if one of Elvis, Jackie, Harriet, or Eleanor do not leave this time, then BB makes no sense as a game. None.

The bad news is that Jackie got back into the game in the redemption part. So now Elvis/Jackie/Harriet/Eleanor have a very easy path to the final 4. They will prob lose one member along the way, but can easily substitute the useless Mary in the place of whoever goes. If any of them wins the next HOH, Fred will get backdoored and will leave and I will be pretty much screwed.

I fear this game is going to get very predictable until the end. I don't know how it would be possible to take out that whole clique alliance unless miraculously Fred and I can go back-and-forth on a few HOH's.

Now is the time where I guess who people are:

Fred - Mikey_Elite
Walt - John or Jimmy
Elvis - Russ
Jackie - Cherry
Harriet - JB
Eleanor - Angel/Cindy
Mary - some weirdo
George - DanielB
Marie - Tara perhaps

I really hope I am wrong about all this since it would be very controversial to have that clique in here again. And if that are all "magically" aligned then yeah. It better not be so.

I really need some luck from here on out. I don't know if my previous Good Axis members know how I voted last time. I have to gauge what they think about me at this point and see if I have any shot at finding a crack. Doubtful. One thing is for sure, I have to talk to Marie more since she will be may be my only potential ally if Fred leaves. Sigh.
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Confessional #6
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